Eye Lashes

$175.00 | 60 MIN
$250.00 | 90 MIN

Eye Lashes: Eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting

Eye lashes make your face look prettier than it is. More the eye lashes, the better it would look. We at Reshma, offer the best Eyelashes volume edition and Eye lashes extension services. When we perform lashes extension on you, your natural eyelashes gain volume, making them look prettier than before.

The look will be enhanced and your eyes will become more appealing to others. If you don’t enjoy using mascara, then eye lashes extension is the perfect practice for you. We perform lashes extension and volume addition in such a way that your lashes do not fall off quickly.

We also provide multiple sizes for eye lashes extension with a choice of length you want for your extension. We ensure that your eyes look natural while giving you that beautiful look.

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